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Portland ME - Crossbrowser testing, unfortunately a necessary evil, is the bane of our, and most likely every web developers existence. One of the most annoying aspects is that the site needs to be up on a server in order for services like SauceLabs or BrowserShots to see it and show the different browser + os combinations. If you are using a version control system like Git, it means a lot of unnecessary check-ins to test various code changes to make all the browsers play nice. I used to be a PC guy so we have a few Windows systems in the office as well as iOS and Android tablets and phones. So since we have a majority of the platforms that need to be tested and a kick ass local environment for development I asked myself can't I just use my local environment and allow all my machines and devices to view the website? Yes, yes I can.

Thanks to this article by I learned about SquidMan for OSX. I used version 3.51 and it worked fine on Mavericks. I am not able to eloquently explain what SquidMan does, so I will just say that it helps direct other computers or devices on your WIFI network to use the DNS of the computer running SquidMan. Every domain in my host file that directs to will resolve correctly for any computer or device on the network. Definitely follow all the instructions Egalo provides for setting up SquidMan and finding your Mac's IP address. They also explain how to connect your iOS device, so I will not talk about that but I will explain how I set up on Windows 7 machine.

We have a few Windows 8 machines in the office but I still need to have a Windows 7 box to use for debugging earlier IE versions. To get ol' Win 7 working I went to my LAN settings (Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN settings). From that dialog window I left "Automatic detect settings" checked, checked off "Use a proxy server for your LAN..." and added my MBP IP address and the 8080 in the port field. Everything was good to go after that.

Now when I get a bug ticket for an IE related issues, I just have to jump on my PC to recreate the issues, and code up the fix from my MBP. It's as life should be, simple and utilizing solutions at hand.

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