Comic-Con Redesign is Live

Portland ME - We have been working as a contractor for Sage Tree Solutions since around 2012. We always appreciate the work we receive from our clients and it is always rewarding to finish a project and see it "go live". However, some projects make our smile a little bigger. Recently Sage Tree Solutions asked us to build out the new redesign and we jumped for joy. Obviously we want to be apart of awesomeness that is Comic-Con.

We used Bootstrap as our framework to build the Drupal 7 theme and used the MD Slider module to accomplish the homepage banner animations. The Toucan blog is built with the Masonry javascript library implemented with the Masonry API, Masonry Views and Views Infinite Scroll modules. We needed this little patch to make Masonry Views and Infinite Scroll play nice otherwise it was pretty easy to implement. One of the most difficult aspects of the design to build was the "sticky nav". It responds differently at breakpoints so it made for a fun challenge to accomplish and we did it with CSS only.

This new design launched today and we are very excited for you to check it out. Thanks again to Sage Tree Solutions for trusting us to build out such an important project. Boys Shoes

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