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Portland ME - Whenever we modify a Drupal contributed module, we always patch it and contributed it. You never know when a fellow developer can use the same bug fix or feature enhancement.

Today we patched the Webform Protected Downloads module. If you haven't used this module, you might want to consider it if your site makes use of Webforms and if you would like to provide downloadable contact in exchange for an email address.

Our client, Namale Fiji's #1 Resort & Spa make use of the Webform module and the companion Webform Constant Contact module which provides its own email component. This email component integrates with Constant Contact providing a simple solution for moving the contact information from Webform to our Contact Contact list.

When we wanted to provide the downloadable content, we found the Webform Protect Downloads module but found that it did not support the custom email component that Webform Constant Contact provides. A few simple adjustments to the Webform Protected Downloads module solved this. If you are interested, check out the patch over at Max 90 NS GPX

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