Drupal Tracking Code Module + Google Tag Manager

Portland ME - The wave of Google Tag Manager is upon us at Focal55 Inc. Most of our clients have moved over to Tag Manager which gave of the opportunity to work with the Drupal Tracking Code module from FatherShawn. This module replaces the need for the Google Analytics module. Here is a quick outline for replacing the Google Analytics module for Tracking Code module + Tag Manager.

  • Sign Up for a Tag manager account
  • After the initial sign up, you will have an opportunity to copy your new Tag Manager snippet. Save this snippet for later.
  • From the Tag Manager Management, add a new Tag and select Google Analytics. Fill out the rest of configuration options.
  • Now that your Tag manager has the Google Analytics tag included, click the Publish button in the upper right hand corner.
  • With Google Tag Manager all set up, its now time to configure Drupal to use it. Install the Tracking Code module (but leave Google Analytics installed for now).
  • Once installed, Tracking Code module has a config page under the Structure menu. From there you can add a new tracking code snippet. The form is pretty self explanatory and includes an option to leave the tracking code disabled which allows you to run the Google Analytics module until you are ready to make your new tracking code snippet active.
  • When your Tag Manager tracking code snippet is fully configured, set the status to Active and disable the Google Analytics module.

It looks like there is plenty of work going on for the Drupal 8 version of Tracking Code which we are excited about since we are building more more and Drupal 8 websites as the year goes on.

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