Magnolia Creative Agency

Portland ME - Our latest Drupal 8 project is alive with a custom one page website twig theme and custom modules using all the latest and greatest Drupal 8 goodness. We are honored that Magnolia Creative Agency choose us to build their website and happy when they agreed to be in a Drupal 8 platform.

This project gave us the opportunity to explore more of the Drupal 8 API and tools like the Drupal Console which is fantastic. It's all of the Drush usefulness built for Drupal 8. As for the API, we used hook_form_system_theme_settings_alter() to add some customizations to the Theme Settings form, which gave our client the ability to toggle sections in the one page website. We also built a custom module to handle the contact form and theme it. Extending the FormBase class to create a custom form was a snap and hook_theme_suggestions_alter() was all we needed for a custom template file.

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